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Pool Covers

Amarillo Custom Pools highly recommends automatic pool covers because:

  1. They save energy if you’re heating your pool.
  2. They keep your pool clean by leaving dirt and dust out.
  3. They provide a safety barrier which offers peace of mind when you’re not around.


At Amarillo Custom Pools we work primarily with Integra Pool Covers. The custom pool covers from Integra Pool Covers automatically extend and retract, covering and uncovering your pool as needed. With just a simple flip of switch, you not only control the covering and uncovering of your pool, but you also enjoy many incredible advantages. 


Here’s why Integra Pool Covers has the best pool covers.



Our ASTM certified automatic pool covers protect your kids and pets. An effective safety barrier, Integra covers add a trusted layer of security and comforting peace of mind.


There’s no need to work up a sweat! With just one flip of a switch, the automatic cover mechanism opens and closes as you desire and will lock when you are away.

Energy Efficient.

Extend the swimming season, reduce water evaporation, keep the heat in, increase the longevity of your water chemistry and save wear and tear on your pump.

Ease of Maintenance.

Keep out dirt and debris and make your swimming environment healthier. Translation? You will spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it.